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 Allan Myles studied photography in Glasgow, Scotland and has been a professional photographer since1986. After leaving college, he set up his first photographic studio, working mainly for design studios and UK magazines. He emigrated to Australia in 1992 and ran a successful photographic company for over 23 years. He saw his first achievement as having built up a loyal client base in Perth and consistently picking up PADC Awards (1994-2006). There have been some career highlights, notably shots taken for the W.A. TurfClub which won many local and international awards including the coveted New York Festival. 

More recently he has won a Silver & 2 Bronzes at the Australasia AWARD awards, a Folio award, 2 Cannes Bronze Lions for his well know Stolichnaya Vodka work. Also of note in last few years, he had 5 Cannes finalists for Hudson (Singapore) and 4 bronze Cannes for Wonderbra and ESPN.

He now lives between the UK and Australia working around the globe with clients from Hong Kong ( HK tourism), London, South Africa, Malaysia (Prudential), Singapore (IBM, HP, Standard Chartered, Mercedes,Hudson, Nokia, M1 Mobile & Guinness) Beijing (361) Japan ( Renesas global, Senoby Drinks, Citizen Watches& Toyota) and New Zealand (Visa).

Over the past Ten years he has also sidestepped into moving pictures and has shot over 50 commercials, including work for international clients such as Kia/ Nat Geo, Visa, UOB, McDonalds ,Great Eastern , HTC, AXA UK, Breast Cancer UK, as well as the multi-awarding St John Ambulance ‘ Break the Barriers.

In addition now pursuing Art projects such as the Glasgow Animals series,Carpe Diem, Dark Summer and the Beauty Of Function. A study of the beauty of the everyday functional building and structures.


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